Document Management Solutions

Over the last 40 years Fujitsu scanners have become global market leaders with a market share exceeding 50% in the professional document scanner segment. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Fujitsu scanners have an excellent reputation for reliability.

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe is a subsidiary of Fujitsu, a foremost provider of document imaging scanners for the professional desktop, workgroup and large volume production environments.

Fujitsu scanners have been designed to be robust to ensure that they deliver the best technology and professional solution, and are manufactured to improve security, storage, retrieval and imaging of documents.

The workgroup scanners are a family of scanners providing unsurpassed functionality and superior performance for the mid volume scanning market. The departmental scanners are ideal for centralized document image capture and all applications that involve high quality scanning and reliable document feeding. Production scanners particularly deliver the right combination of speed, performance and convenience for the ultimate in production level document imaging capabilities, whilst the network scanner has built in touch screen and keyboard for effortless sharing across a network.

The new ScanSnap S1100 is the most compact, mobile and affordable Fujitsu scanning solution ever. The new, ultra-portable USB document scanner transfers printed, drawn, or written information to a PC or Mac computer and also supports direct interface to Google Docs, Evernote and other cloud applications.

Fujitsu has an unsurpassed reputation across a wide variety of vertical markets and businesses.

Astel has partnered with PFU to market the entire range of scanner products and service add-ons to the African markets.

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Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper, electronic documents and forms into accurate and actionable information, that can be incorporated into your core business applications, processes and workflows.

Offering unmatched scalability, Kofax captures information from virtually any source: scanners, multi-function printers, print streams, email, fax, web service or folders.

No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose, now or in the future, you can count on Kofax Capture to ensure consistent document capture, indexing and validation of your important information.

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