Enterprise Computing

Astel's extensive range of Enterprise Computing solutions serve the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. We are able to supply a fully-customised solution for your IT infrastructure requirements – from desktop PCs and notebook products, through to high-end server solutions, network products, printers, peripherals and other related accessories and consumables.

Thales e-Security offers a broad range of market-leading data protection products, designed to help your organisation safeguard its most sensitive information and business processes while complying with regulations and industry mandates.

The company has over 30 years' experience in protecting data for enterprises and governments around the globe. Its independently certified hardware and software products deliver an ideal blend of high assurance and operational efficiency— meaning you'll never have to make tough trade-offs between security, performance, and agility.

Thales has a range of e-Security products to provide flexible, efficient, and high assurance solutions for protecting sensitive data, including: Hardware Security Modules, Network Encryption, Identity Management, Time Stamping and Key Management Systems.

For more information visit www.thales-esecurity.com